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Who We Are

The Radiant Group (R3G), has its headquarters in the UAE, with a strong footprint in Asia and the Middle East region including branch-offices in India and Nepal.

We provide commercial and operational security services with a focus on manpower recruitment, event security and risk consultation.

And because one size doesn’t fit all, R3G, identifies with the provison of the specific needs of each client to create solutions and customized security programmes, including the best vendor partner elements at the best price point.

People Strategy

We rely on people to build a more resilient security strategy and to provide the highest standard of client service.

At R3G people are part of the solution.

R3G is staffed with a highly-qualified workforce, specialized in protecting critical infrastructures, assets, and people to maintain a safe and orderly environment, always.

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Core values that resonate strongly with R3G:

Reliable: We promote safe and secure environments by employing only the best people and resources.

Trustworthy: We believe in creating loyal and transparent partnerships with our clients.

Service and Quality Oriented: We are dedicated to fostering an environment which instills both employee and client satisfaction.

Confidentiality: We honor our commitments by protecting the confidentiality of information of our clients.

The Leadership

sunil saxena

Sunil Saxena

Founder/Managing Partner

Sunil Saxena is the Founder and Managing Partner of the Radiant Group, which is a direct reflection of his entrepreneurial spirit and more than 20 years of experience gained in the security service industry. During Sunil's tenure in security at G4S, he held various senior executive positions. During this time, he held a track record for transforming the business into a highly profitable operation.

During an 18-month stint as CEO of G4S Security Services in Mauritius, he spearheaded negotiations, mergers, and acquisitions to expand operations across three business lines including man guarding, electronic security and facility management.

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What We Do

R3G is committed to providing high-quality security management programmes and effective tailored solutions for its clients rather than 'standard industry practice.'

Manpower Consultancy

We offer specialized expertise in the field of Recruitment & Employment Service. Radiant provides a range of services to meet a variety of business needs.

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Event Security Solutions

Radiant Global is the leading provider of Event Security, Crowd Management & Risk consultation to event organization in the UAE. Specializing in Security & crowd

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Security & Risk Consultancy

We provide expert advice, counsel & decision support to enable them to mitigate the risk. We offer trusted security advice, risk mitigation, strategies and

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How Do We Do It

With years of hands-on experience, Radiant global has a profound understanding of specific security needs in UAE and the Middle East. We maintain continual contact with our clients, which ensures unrivalled standards of service and assistance, meeting the highest international standards.

We provide Event Security Consulting on a range of topics to include:

  • Developing & devising a security plan that reflects implementation of best practices with the nature and type of event being staged and also protect Artist, celebrities or VIP guests.
  • Integrating with event planners and organizers to identify appropriate solutions to potential areas of security risk.
  • Event Planner Training: Understanding how to incorporate crowd management & emergency process into the overall event plan
  • Working with Authorities and public safety entities to assist in coordinating private and public resources committed to protect the event.

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